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Our Scoutmaster's Corner
A letter from Mr. P, Scoutmaster Troop 9:

Troop 9 is not the troop for the average young man.
It is the troop for the scout that wants to be challenged
at every turn. 
It is not the troop for the scout that is looking to play 
Games at the end of the meeting.
It is the troop that strives to excell at every task he is
faced with.
It is not the troop where things are "good enough"
It is the troop where each young man strives to improve
at each turn, and constantly achieve personal growth.
We do not "recruit" winners, we make them.







Chaka Says:

Remember, our scouts should
wear the uniform with Pride,
and are expected to be in
FULL uniform at meetings.

If you are not sure what
full uniform entails, have
your scout ask a senior
scout or one of the staff

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