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For the Scouts of Troop 9

Remember, how high you go in Life depends on how much you are willing to Climb!!



The Uniform, Class "A" vs. Class "B"

Class "A" means: Scout Shirt, Scout Pants, Scout belt, Merit Badge Sash, Order of the Arrow Sash (Worn only if you are an inducted member), Hiking Boots, (sneakers, flip flops or sandals are not accepted,) Troop neckerchief with slide and your SCOUT Handbook!

Class "B" means:  Troop 9 T-Shirt, Scout Pants, Scout belt, Hiking Boots, and your SCOUT Handbook!

(sneakers, flip flops or sandals, etc. can only be worn when prior permission is given from the SM staff)


Your Scout Handbook is a very important tool, and should always be carried!!


Important Links for the Scouts of Troop 9:

The Scout Oath and it's Meaning

Troop Positions of Responsibility

Rank Advancement and Merit Badge Information

Introduction to Merit Badges

Scout Knots

Eagle Scout Preparation Documents and Guides

Eagle Scout Preparation Guide

Eagle Project Checklist


Cooking and Food Preperation

Recipes for Boy Scouts

Patrol Meal Plan Template


Important Checklists 

What should I Pack? Checklist

Troop 9's Summer Camp Packing Checklist



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Chaka Says.....


Remember, it is always important to
make sure that you are living the
example of the Scout Oath and Law,
even when you are not in uniform. A
Boy Scout is a Boy Scout 24/7, and is
expected to be so in his everyday life.
You should strive to be the example
others will want to follow in your every
day lives.

You are responsible for your own actions,
and as such should not in any way
allow others to lead you down a path
that you know to be wrong, no matter
how exciting they can make it sound!
We know you can do it!


Scout fact of the week!
William Boyce founded the boy scout movement in 
the USA after being helped accross the street in
England by a scout who refused a reward, stating
that he could not accept a gratuity for doing a
good deed.


No Boy can Truly become a man without Honor,
Integrity, Self Sacrifice and Reverence-Mr. P

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